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Helping you find the right IT solutions.

We specialize in getting and keeping small businesses up and running. Our IT consultants and engineers have the experience to make all of your IT cogs work together so your business runs like clockwork.


From PC and network support to website design, security to mobile point-of-sale, we provide the IT services that keep our client's small businesses running smoothly. 

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An IT partner with a shared vision.

Help Desk - Something isn't working right. The printer isn't printing, you can't access that file, and your PC is giving some kind of error message about sending ransom money to Romania. You need help and you need it fast! Not in days or hours, but ASAP. With remote access, we can start troubleshooting your issues and get you back on track right away.

Security - Your business communications need to be secure.  That unencrypted free Wi-Fi you use at the coffee shop leaves all your personal information open to prying eyes. Malware installed on your PC is sending your credit card details to a server in Belarus. Threats to your data are more common than you think. We can give your PCs and network a thorough security assessment and detail where the holes are and show you how to lock down your information. 

Web Development - Every small business needs a website and social media presence. We can assist with domain registration, getting your email set up, managing your social media accounts and offer 1000's of available website templates to fit your business. 


Retail POS - Our point of sale solutions allow you to do it all. Take payments, view inventory, track sales, manage employees, and add custom apps for your business. In a well-run business, the point of sale is more than just the place where the money comes in. With the right technology, it becomes your strategic service center - the place that will help you grow your business and keep your customers coming back.

Cloud and Mobile Computing

 Security and VPN

Virus and Spyware Recovery/Prevention

Web Development

 Wireless Networking

 Backup and Data Recovery

Help Desk and Software Support

Retail POS + Mobile Payments

Voice over IP (VoIP)


These are some of the services we offer

Cloud Computing


Scalable, cost-effective and secure. We've got the right cloud-based solutions for your business. Put the power of flexibility and connectivity to work for your bottom line.

Viruses. Hackers. Malware. Unsecured WiFi. They all represent a threat to your business. We can help you mitigate the risks, and recover your data fast if disaster strikes


Running your desktop applications on your portable devices isn't as always as seamless as it should be. We can help work out the bugs, sort out the details and get you mobile in no time. 

You're concerned about your data's security. You should be. Hackers, viruses, malware, spyware, phishing scams. Threats are everywhere. We can help you mitigate the risks and undo the damage if disaster should strike. Don't let your business be vulnerable to attacks. 

Secure IT Solutions

for a more secure


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